In some cases, species are managed with aggregate bag limits. Meaning, there is a single bag limit that includes multiple different fish species. Some of the species in the aggregate may also have their own specific bag limit within the aggregate limit.


Note: * indicates that a species has its own bag limit in addition to being part of the aggregate

Snapper Aggregate Bag Limit

10 Fish Per Person Combined Total

gray snapper

mutton snapper *

yellowtail snapper

cubera snapper

queen snapper

blackfin snapper

wenchman snapper

silk snapper


Reef Fish Aggregate Bag Limit

20 Fish Per Person Combined Total

vermilion snapper *

lane snapper

gray triggerfish *

almaco jack

golden tilefish

goldface tilefish

blueline tilefish



Grouper Aggregate Bag Limit

4 Fish Per Person Combined Total

gag grouper *

red grouper *

black grouper


yellowfin grouper

yellowmouth grouper

yellowedge grouper

snowy grouper

speckled hind *

warsaw grouper *


All Fish Aggregate Bag Limit

5 Fish Per Person Combined Total

banded rudderfish

lesser amberjack