The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council’s Recreational Initiative is an effort to evaluate past and current recreational reef fish management strategies and explore potential innovative management approaches that could be applied in the future.

The effort, which is centered around participation from the recreational community, will focus on 5 species: red snapper, red grouper, gag grouper, greater amberjack, and gray triggerfish. At the core of this effort is the Recreational Initiative Working Group, comprised of knowledgeable individuals representing key Gulf recreational fishing interests, including private anglers, for-hire operators, associated marine industries, and advocates.

Red Snapper Fish

Red Grouper

Gag Grouper

Greater Amberjack

Gray Triggerfish

Steering Committee

Dave Donaldson, (228) 875-5912 / Gregg Bray-backup
Russ Dunn, (727) 551-5740
Michael McDermott, (228) 374-2100
Carrie Simmons, (813) 348-1630, ext. 2310
Andy Strelcheck, (727) 824-5305 / Jack McGovern-backup
Ed Walker, (727) 421-0346

Working Group

The Council is soliciting applications for working group members from July 1 – July 31, 2024.

Click here to apply. 

Members will be appointed during the August 2024 Council Meeting.


Three Working Group meetings are planned for:

  1. October 2024 – Tampa, FL
  2. December 2024 or January 2025 – New Orleans, LA
  3. February or March 2025 – Tampa. FL

For questions or more information contact the Council Offices at [email protected] or call (813) 348-1630