Scientific & Statistical Committee Members are economists, biologists, sociologists, and natural resource attorneys who are knowledgeable about the technical aspects of fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico.

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SSC member contact information is available by clicking on each SSC title.

Standing SSC

Lee Anderson, PhD

Luiz Barbieri, PhD Chair

Harry Blanchet

Benjamin Blount, PhD

Mary Christman, PhD

Bob Gill

David Griffith, PhD

Jack Isaacs, PhD

John Isely, PhD

Walter Keithly, PhD

Kai Lorenzen, PhD

William Patterson, PhD

Joe Powers, PhD Vice Chair

Sean Powers, PhD

Kenneth Roberts, PhD

Steven Scyphers, PhD

Jim Tolan, PhD

Special Coral SSC

Sandra Brooke, PhD

Walter Jaap

Judith Lang, PhD

Rob Ruzicka

Paul Sammarco, PhD

George Schmahl

Special Mackerel SSC

Jason Adriance

Melissa Recks

Special Red Drum SSC

Jason Adriance

Robert Leaf, PhD

Susan Lowerre-Barbieri, PhD

Emily Satterfield

Special Reef Fish SSC

Jason Adriance

Marcus Drymon, PhD

Robert Ellis, PhD

Jennifer Herbig

John Mareska

Special Shrimp SSC

Richard Burris

Ryan Gandy

Leslie Hartman

Jeffrey Marx

James Nance, PhD

Special Spiny Lobster SSC

Ryan Gandy, PhD

John Hunt

Sherry Larkin, PhD

Special Socioeconomic SSC

Steve Jacob, PhD

Sherry Larkin, PhD

Gabriella Stocks, PhD