Federal Fishing Regulations

Fishing regulations for commercial and recreational harvest in the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico (excluding state managed species and HMS)

State Fishing Regulations

Fishing regulations for Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. These include regulations in state waters and in some cases, state regulations that have been extended into the federal waters

Highly Migratory Species Regulations

Commercial, seafood dealer, and recreational compliance guides for sharks, tunas, swordfish, and billfish

Annual Catch Limits and Allocations

An infographic displaying the annual catch limits and commercial/recreational allocations for some of the most popular federally managed species

Annual Catch Limit Monitoring

Harvest tracking data for federally managed commercial and recreational species

Return ‘em Right

Angler resource for best fishing practices and free gear

Stock Assessments

Information on past and present stock assessments conducted through the SouthEast Data, Assessment, and Review (SEDAR) process

Stock Assessment Schedule

A draft schedule of future stock assessments

Status of the Stocks

An annual report outlining the overfished/overfishing status of federally managed stocks across the nation

Fisheries Science

A variety of resources and infographics about different aspects of federal fisheries science

Coral Portal

A variety of resources including habitat maps and data dashboards highlighting coral and related species

Great Red Snapper Count

An independent research project undertaken to measure the abundance of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico

Greater Amberjack Research

An independent research project undertaken to measure the abundance of greater amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico

Sea Turtle Release Protocols 
A list of FAQs for Endangered Species Act release protocols for sea turtles and smalltooth sawfish

Approved Models and Equipment for Sea Turtle Release 
A list of the required items and examples of approved models to comply with requirements for for-hire vessels with a Gulf Reef Fish Permit

GulfFIN Data Warehouse Query Tool

A data query tool that hosts historical commercial and recreational landings and effort data

Interjurisdictional Fisheries Biological Profiles

Species based profiles on fish that are commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico

Current Red Tide Status in Florida

An interactive map showing red tide status across the state of Florida

Federal Recreational Data – MRIP

A data query tool for the federal program that collects recreational catch and effort data

NOAA Fisheries FES Research and Improvements

Information on improvements to the federal MRIP data collection program

Florida’s State Reef Fish Survey (SRFS)

Florida’s recreational data collection program

Alabama’s Snapper Check

Alabama’s recreational data collection program

Mississippi’s Tails n’ Scales

Mississippi’s recreational data collection program

Louisiana’s LA Creel

Louisiana’s recreational data collection program

Texas Creel Survey

Texas’ recreational data collection program

Federal Recreational Fishing Season Calendar

A calendar showing recreational season openings and closings for federally managed species in PDF format.

Southeast Fisheries Permits 

Federal commercial fishing permit information


Individual Fishing Quota Program

The catch share program webpage for commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico