Improving the Way we Fish Today Can Increase Our Opportunities to Fish in the Future

Fishermen release fish they’ve caught for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, each time we catch and release a fish, there is a chance that the fish will not survive. Those fish negatively impact the overall health of the fish stock and can reduce the amount of fish that can be harvested. Fortunately, there are a number of things that we can do to increase survival of released fish.

For more information on release mortality and how to use best release practices when fishing, please visit:

RER Red Snaper

Gear Up with Free Release Tools from Return ‘Em Right!

Return ‘Em Right is launching its program to offshore anglers throughout the Gulf of Mexico today. By participating in a short online review of best practices anglers can receive free release gear valued at $100 to help reef fish survive release.

Return ‘Em Right promotes best release practices, with an emphasis on proper use of descending devices, which research shows can improve long-term survival of reef fish by up to three times. Descending devices are weighted devices that help fish overcome buoyancy and injury by releasing them at depth. These devices come in a variety of forms including weighted inverted hooks, lip clamp devices, and weighted crates and boxes.

Gulf of Mexico reef fish anglers 18 years and older are now eligible to visit the Return ‘Em Right website, review best release practices, and receive a package of release gear to use out on the water. The educational review is available to all individuals who are interested in learning best practices when encountering barotrauma, regardless of your age, location, or role in the fishery.