Technical committees are special advisory panels made up of academics, agency, and industry personnel with expertise in relevant subject matter that can advise and assist the Council by reviewing relevant subject matter and providing recommendations.

Outreach & Education

Kim Amendola, NMFS

Melissa Crouch, FFWCC

Dr. J. Marcus Drymon, MS Sea Grant

Julie Falgout, LA Sea Grant

Gary Graham

Dylan Hubbard, Chair

Shelly Krueger, FL Sea Grant

Laura Picariello, TX Sea Grant

David Rainer, ADNR

Charmaine Schmermund, MDMR

Zack Thomas, TPWD

Eric Weather, Vice Chair

Jeff Weakley

Tonya Wiley

Danica Williams, LDWF

Staff Rep.: Emily Muehlstein

Law Enforcement

Manny Antonaras, NOAA/OLE

Major Dean Aucoin, LA (LDWF)

Stephen Clark, USFWS Region 4

Major Jason Downey, AL, (ADMR)

Cpt. Neil “Scott” Pearce, FL (FWC), Chair

Duane Smith, NOAA/GCES

Luis Sosa, Asst. Commander, TX (TPWD)

RAC Jim Stinebaugh, USFWS Region 2

Lt. Col. Kyle Wilkerson, MS (MDMR)

* Designee for Manny Antonaras – Joe Scarpa

* Designee for Luis Sosa – Lt. Les Casterline, Vice Chair

* Designee for Stephen Clark – Jason Riley

* Designee for Kyle Wilkerson – Patrick Carron

Staff Rep.: Ava Lasseter


Clifford Borgstedt

Eric Brazer, Jr.

David Chagaris, Ph.D.

Michael Drexler, Ph.D.

Nick Farmer, Ph.D.

Mandy Karnauskas, Ph.D., Chair

Joshua Kilborn, Ph.D.

Matt McPherson, Ph.D.

Steven Saul, Ph.D.

Steven Scyphers, Ph.D.

Casey Streeter, Vice Chair

Staff Rep.: Natasha Méndez-Ferrer

Technical Committee member contact information is available by clicking on each committee title.