What is a Technical Committee?

The Council uses Technical Committees to ensure a well-rounded understanding of each component of fishery management in the Gulf. Technical Committees are special advisory panels made up of academics, agency, and industry personnel with expertise in relevant subject matter that can advise and assist the Council by reviewing relevant subject matter and providing recommendations.

How are Technical Committee Members Selected?

The Council Chairman works in conjunction with staff to identify the composition of each Technical Committee. In many cases, members serve as a function of their role at a state or federal agency. In other cases, the Council Chairman and staff identify appropriate stakeholders to serve based on their experience and function within the fishery.

What are the Responsibilities of a Technical Committee Member?

Technical Committee members do not have term limits. Technical Committee members are expected to review background materials, attend meetings (often in-person), and participate in discussions to make fisheries management recommendations to the Council. Technical Committee members may also be asked to perform tasks on behalf of the Council outside of designated meeting times. The elected chair of each Technical Committee will be asked to review meeting summaries, chair meetings, and travel to Council meetings to report Technical Committee recommendations.  Technical Committee members will be reimbursed for travel, lodging, and meal costs associated with each meeting.

How do Technical Committees Function?

Technical Committee members are notified when the Council convenes a meeting. Members will be asked for their availability and each meeting will be scheduled to allow for the most participation from its membership. Members are given a meeting agenda, briefing materials, and travel instructions to prepare them for each meeting. The meetings are chaired by an elected member of the Technical Committee and the group operates using parliamentary procedure. Council and NOAA staff work with the Technical Committee to prepare and present appropriate background materials. Technical Committee meeting outcomes are reported to the Council by the Chairman and often, Council staff relies on Technical Committee members to produce products and use their own professional platforms to execute Council goals.