It’s that time again. The Gulf Council meets next week in
Baton Rouge, Louisiana to work on some fisheries issues that might interest


You’re welcome to join us at the meeting or you can listen from your computer.
The committee agenda and full Council agenda will help you
figure out when the Council plans to discuss the topics that you’re interested
Don’t forget to join us for public comment, which will be
held on Wednesday, April 9, from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm.
Below you’ll find a brief description of some highlights the
Council plans to address at next weeks meeting:
Photo: Emily Muehlstein
      The Council plans to take final action on Mackerel amendment 20B – which addresses boundaries, season opening dates, and transit provisions for the commercial mackerel fishery.The Council plans to take final action on Framework Amendment 1 that considers increasing the Spanish mackerel annual catch limit. Watch this brief video and send us your comments online.

Photo: Jason Whitaker

Red Snapper
The Council will review the legal and policy aspects of allocation, consider the public comments received during public hearings for red snapper allocation, and discuss the final draft of the red snapper allocation amendment. You’re welcome to read the amendment, watch this quick video, read the amendment guide, send us an online comment, or review the comments we’ve received on the issue so far.

The Council will also discuss possible modifications to the red snapper individual fishing quota program.

Photo: iStock


The Council will discuss the Texas shrimp closure for 2014 and review a draft of an options paper for Shrimp Amendment 16, which considers adjusting the annual catch limit and accountability measures for royal red shrimp.

For-Hire Fishing
The Council will discuss the details of the definition of for-hire fishing.The Council plans to review an options paper for Reef Fish Amendment 40 that considers separating the recreational sector into private and for-hire components.

The council will also review a white paper on the Development of a Charter For-hire Electronic Reporting Program.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to
contact us!