The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meets next
week at the Astor Crowne Plaza in New Orleans, Louisiana. You’re welcome to
join us or watch a live broadcast of the meeting.
Public comment will be held on Wednesday, August 17 from
2:15 – 5:00 pm CST. If you can’t testify in person, visit our proposed amendments page to learn about the different issues we’re currently working
on and submit your comments.
The meeting agenda and briefing materials should help
prepare you for the meeting. The following is a quick look at some of the hot
topics the Council will address next week:
Photo: Sea Grant

Data Collection

The Council will take another look at an amendment that
considers making modifications to Charter Vessel and Headboat Reporting
Requirements. The Council will consider modifying the frequency and mechanism
of data reporting, requiring trip notification, and discuss hardware/software
requirements and the potential for location tracking.
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Coral/Habitat Protection
The Council will hear a summary of a recent meeting of the
Shrimp and Coral Advisory Panels and the Coral Scientific and Statistical
Committee.  The Council will also discuss
a comment letter on the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Expansion
Draft Environmental Impact Statement and take comment on the issue.
Photo: Troy Frady
The Council will review the most recent draft of Amendment
46, which considers modifying the gray triggerfish rebuilding plan.  A recent stock assessment indicated that the
triggerfish stock continues to be overfished and the Council’s scientific
advisors revised the acceptable biological catch levels. Along with determining
new catch levels for the stock, the Council will consider changes to the
recreational bag limits, size limits, and closed season; and commercial closed
season and trip limit.
Red Snapper Management for Federally Permitted Charter
The Council will discuss the latest draft of Reef Fish
Amendment 41, which considers creating a red snapper management plan for
federally permitted for-hire vessels fishing under the for-hire component of
the recreational red snapper allocation.
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Photo: Mike Jennings

Federal Reef Fish Headboat Management

The Council will review a draft of Reef Fish Amendment 42,
which considers creating a management plan for for-hire vessels with individual
catch history fishing for reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Photo: Captain Jennings


The Council will continue to discuss Coastal Migratory
Pelagic Amendment 29, which considers allocation sharing strategies between
recreational and commercial sectors and associated accountability measures for
Gulf migratory group king mackerel.
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After the Council meeting we’ll be hosting a wrap-up
webinar. Please join us at 6 p.m. EST on Wednesday, August 24 for a quick
presentation followed by a question and answer session.