You might already be aware of the Something’s Fishy tool that the Council uses to gather feedback from fishermen. It’s possible that you’ve contributed by providing your expertise on one or more species. The responses we gather are used to expand our understanding of current stock conditions and can even serve to guide future management decisions. But, one thing isn’t working! We’ve heard that the Something’s Fishy name might bias feedback or imply that we’re looking for only “fishy” or negative feedback. In reality, we just want to know what you’re observing on the water.

Recently, the Council held a contest to rename the Something’s Fishy tool. After reviewing several clever and funny ideas for names, the Council renamed the tool ‘Fisherman Feedback’. The new name will not change the utility of the tool or our goal to continuously improve its function and better engage stakeholders in the stock assessment and management process.

Fisherman Feedback is a web-based tool we use to collect comments from the public about the condition of a fish stock or species when a stock assessment is being performed. The information collected through the tool is used to supplement the role played by fishermen, as active participants, in the stock assessment process. Respondents provide on-the-water perspectives that often explain certain aspects of the assessment or


encourages scientists to investigate a new avenue that can enhance our understanding of the stock. The results of the tool are presented to the stock assessment scientists during the development of the stock assessment.  Further, the results are infused into the management process via presentations to the Council’s scientific advisors, advisory panels, and the Council itself as they review the results and make management recommendations.

Comments supplied through the Fisherman Feedback tool are particularly valuable to scientists and managers alike. They’re an additional way for you to be involved in making management decisions for your fishery. We’re constantly working to improve the tool and expand its reach, and we would greatly appreciate any effort you can dedicate to responding to the tool and sharing it with your fishermen contacts. The more comments, the better the outcome!

If you’re curious, all of our past efforts and any current opportunities to contribute are hosted on the Fishermen Feedback page of our website located at

Photo: Glen Ballinger