Gulf Council Seeks Applicants for Coastal Migratory Pelagics and Red Drum Advisory Panels

Applications must be received by Friday, February 28, 2020 for consideration by the Council in closed session during its March-April meeting in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Selected applicants will be subject to fisheries resource violation background checks after the spring Council  meeting and final selections will be confirmed at the June Council meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida.  All applicants will be notified of their application status no later than the first week in July.

Advisory Panel Members are recreational and commercial fishermen, charter boat operators, buyers, sellers, and consumers with knowledge about a particular fishery.

AP member contact information is available by clicking on each AP title.

Coastal Migratory Pelagics

Roy Cravey

Judson Curtis

Pam Dana

Gary Jarvis

Chris Jenkins

David Krebs

Tom Marvel

Jeffrey Mathews

George Niles

Michael Nugent

Kelty Readenour

William Stein III

Fred Tewell

Ed Walker

Lance Walker

James Michael Whitfield

Robert Woithe

Staff Rep: Natasha Méndez-Ferrer/Ryan Rindone

Next Appointments – 2020


Jon Paul Brooker

Scott Hickman, Vice Chair

Morgan Kilgour, Chair

Shelly Krueger

Richard Ruzicka

Portia Sapp

Staff Rep: Natasha Méndez-Ferrer/Zeenatal Basher

Next Appointments – 2022

Data Collection

Gary Bryant

Ronald Chicola

Michael Colby

Jason DeLaCruz

Sepp Haukebo

Scott Hickman

James Dylan Hubbard

Ralph Humphrey

Charlotte Marin

Eric Schmidt

Nicole Smith

Staff Rep: Lisa Hollensead

Next Appointments – 2022

Red Drum

Doug Boyd

Francis Donaldson

Benjamin Graham

John Green

Joseph Hendon

Robert Leaf

Jeffrey Miller

Burt E. Moritz

Lance Nacio

Ben Raines

Erman Rawlings

Sonny Schindler

Derek Shoobridge

Dustin Trochesset

Staff Rep: Ryan Rindone

Next Appointments – 2020

Reef Fish

Doug Boyd

Jane Black-Lee

James Bruce

Patrick Cagle

Jason DeLaCruz

Joshua Ellender

Troy Frady, Vice Chair

Johnny Greene

Keith (Buddy) Guindon

Dylan Hubbard

George Huye

Chris Jenkins

John Marquez, Jr.

Jeffrey McDaniel

Michael Nugent

Mike Prasek, Jr.

Clarence Seymour, Jr.

David Walker

Ed Walker, Chair

Staff Rep: Ryan Rindone

Next Appointments – 2021


Steven Bosarge, Vice Chair

Thu Bui

Kimberly Chauvin

Glenn Delaney

Gary Graham

Andrea Hance

Harris Lasseigne

Lance Naccio

Can Nguyen

Franklin Parker

William (Corky) Perret, Chair

Patrick Riley

Thomas Shultz

John Williams

Staff Rep: Matt Freeman

Next Appointments – 2021

Spiny Lobster

Robert Gaitanis

Bill Kelly, Chair

Joshua Nicklaus

George Niles

Daniel Padron, Vice Chair

Simon Stafford

Staff Rep: Natasha Méndez-Ferrer

Next Appointments – 2022

Ad Hoc Red Snapper Private Angler

Bryan Anderson

Hughes Andry

William M. Blankenship

Ray Box

James “Jim” Allen Brown

Charlie Caplinger, Chair

Kenneth D. Creel

Chris Duca

Nathaniel Duvall

Marcus R. Kennedy

John Kimbrough

Ed Landgraf

Mark Randal Luitjen

John T. Marquez, Jr.

Michael B. McDermott, Jr.

Charles McVea, Jr.

Bradford J. Miller

Ronald Jay Moser

Benjamin Ross Payton

Kellie Rebello Ralston

Charles Wendell Taylor

Mark Turner

Rodolfo C. Valenciano

Staff Rep: John Froeschke

Ad Hoc Red Snapper / Grouper-Tilefish IFQ 

Jane Black-Lee

William Copeland

Jason DeLaCruz

Jonathan Floyd

Keith “Buddy” Guindon

Scott Hickman

David Krebs, Chair

Harris Pappas

Dennis Parker

Franklin Parker

Todd Rosetti

Nick Ruland

Lisa Schmidt

Jerri Smitko

James Swindle

Theodore Tomeny

David Walker, Vice Chair

Wayne Werner

Jim Zurbrick

Staff Rep: Ava Lasseter