Comments submitted during public meetings are recorded, and written comments are displayed in full on the Council website. All comments are summarized and presented to the Council before fishery management decisions are made.




The beginning phase of Amendment development.  We’re gathering ideas about how to solve a fishery problem or address a need.  Help us identify issues, potential impacts, and reasonable solutions so we can develop reasonable management actions and alternatives.

ABC Control Rule Revisions and Framework Procedure

Red Snapper Allocation

(Amendment 52)

Commercial Reef Fish IFQ Modifications

(Reef Fish 36B)

Greater Amberjack Recreational Bag Limit, Fishing Year and Season

Modifications to Commercial Individual Fishing Quota Programs (Amendment 36C)

Modifications to the Gulf of Mexico Migratory Group Cobia Catch Limits, Possession Limits, Size Limits, and Framework Procedure (Amendment 32)

Public Hearings


Public Hearings

Options and alternatives that can potentially solve a fishery issue have been developed along with biological, social, and economic analysis.  Help us identify the potential impacts of the proposed alternatives to guide the Council’s decision making process.

Red Grouper Allocations and Catch Levels (Amendment 53)

Rule Making



Once the Council takes final action on an issue, the proposed management measure is forwarded to the Secretary of Commerce for review. Measures that are approved and implemented will move to the appropriate Implemented Management Measure page.

Gray Triggerfish Catch Limits

Lane Snapper Catch Limits and Accountability Measures

Status Determination Criteria and Optimum Yield for Reef Fish (Amendment 48) and Red Drum (Amendment 5)

Framework Action – Modification of Fishing Access in Eastern Gulf of Mexico Marine Protected Areas

Other Fisheries Topics