The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is pleased to announce the Marine Resources Education Program (MREP) for Offshore Aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico. Interest in offshore aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico is growing.  Understanding the science, policy, and economics involved are key for effective participation within the industry.

MREP Aquaculture provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the Gulf of Mexico to learn how offshore aquaculture works, how it is managed, and what impacts and benefits it may bring to communities in the region. Commercial and recreational fishermen; fisheries scientists and managers; academics; and conservationists are invited to attend and learn about fish, shellfish, and algae aquaculture in the U.S. waters.


2018 MREP Aquaculture workshop schedule:

MREP Aquaculture Communities Tour

May 15-18, 2018

Portland, Maine


MREP Aquaculture Science and Policy

June 12-14, 2018

New Orleans, Louisiana


Applications to participate in the program can be found at at:

Questions about the program should be directed to Alexa Dayton at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute: [email protected]