For Immediate Release
October 24, 2018


The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council presented the 2017 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award to Senior Conservation Enforcement Officer Kyle “Bull” Rabren with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Marine Resources Division.


The Council’s Officer of the Year award acknowledges service above and beyond duty requirements and recognizes distinguished service, professionalism, and dedication to enforcing federal fishing regulations in the Gulf of Mexico. Nominees may be submitted from each of the five Gulf State Law Enforcement agencies, the U.S. Coast Guard, and NOAA Fisheries’ Office for Law Enforcement.


Officer Rabren, a patrol officer in the Baldwin County District, is a 3-year veteran of the Alabama Marine Resources Division. He is highly regarded for his knowledge and intimate understanding of fisheries laws and regulations. Officer Rabren is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic officers in his division. He displays incredible leadership and has worked diligently to develop relationships with officers across state, local, and federal agencies to foster a cohesive approach to law enforcement.


In 2017, Officer Rabren conducted 810 hours of patrol on federal fisheries enforcement. He participated in 817 vessel boardings, intercepting nearly 3,000 commercial and recreational anglers and assisted in 107 state and federal citations or cases. Notably, Officer Rabren participated in cases involving multiple commercial fishing violations over the limit of large coastal sharks. In one interception, Officer Rabren seized 88 sharks totaling 2,733 pounds. In a subsequent violation by the same fisherman, charges resulted in $2,700 in fines and forfeiture of boat, nets, and equipment. Officer Rabren also identified an unpermitted charter vessel operating in federal waters, and found numerous vessels in violation of season or possession limits of snapper.


“Kyle maintains a high moral standard that he is not willing to compromise for any reason,” says Caption Glenn A. Kornegay, Baldwin County District Supervisor. “He has shown great integrity, Kyle does the right thing even if no one is watching and has been a model of leadership by example for others to follow.”