council logo bannerFor Immediate Release
February 1, 2024


The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council took final action on an Abbreviated Framework Action to increase the lane snapper allowable harvest by nearly 6% or 59,900 pounds.  Specifically, the Council selected to modify the overfishing limit, acceptable biological catch, and annual catch limit in pounds whole weight as follows:


  Overfishing Limit Acceptable Biological Catch Annual Catch Limit
Current 1,053,834 1,028,973 1,028,973
Newly Recommended 1,116,331 1,088,873 1,088,873


The increase is being recommended based on the results of an interim analysis for lane snapper that incorporated data through 2022 and was based on an index derived from catch per unit effort data from the headboat fleet.  This document will be transmitted to the Secretary of Commerce for approval and implementation as soon as practicable.