For Immediate Release
June 10, 2019

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council took final action on a Framework amendment that considers reducing the commercial trip limit for greater amberjack. The Council decided to reduce the trip limit to 1000 pounds gutted weight. When 75% of the annual catch target is met, the trip limit will step down to 250 pounds. The total allowable harvest of greater amberjack remains unaffected, and the commercial sector is still expected to harvest its entire annual catch limit.


Public comment indicated that some fishermen want to maintain a higher trip limit to allow for directed greater amberjack trips. Some fishermen supported lower trip limits because they consider amberjack a bycatch species, and prefer that the season remain open as long as possible. Lowering the trip limit is expected to extend the fishing season. This will reduce discards and maintain a consistent market supply.


The Council will submit this proposed regulation change to the Secretary of Commerce for approval and implementation.