For Immediate Release
February 15, 2019


The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council is accepting applications for stakeholder representatives to serve on the Ecosystem Technical Committee and the Outreach and Education Technical Committee. Technical Committees are special advisory panels made up of academics, agency, and industry personnel with expertise in relevant subject matter that can advise and assist the Council.


The Ecosystem technical committee consists of no more than eleven people. Membership includes two staff from NMFS, the Ecosystem SSC (3 members), two Standing SSC representatives, and up to four other stakeholder representatives. The mission of the Ecosystem Technical Committee is to incorporate ecological interactions into stock assessments and management goals based on objectives set forth by the Council. The Ecosystem Technical Committee will work with Council staff to support the development of the Council’s ecosystem-based fishery management plan. This plan will accommodate regional needs in the Gulf of Mexico while considering the existing National Ecosystem Plan and Regional Ecosystem Roadmap guiding principles.


The Outreach and Education Technical Committee consists of fifteen people. Membership includes six communication or education and outreach staff (i.e., one from each of the five Gulf States Marine Resources Departments and one from NOAA Fisheries) assigned by the Council representative of each agency. Other members include four Sea Grant agents (i.e., one from each Gulf region), four non-governmental organization representatives, and one media representative. The mission of the Outreach and Education Technical Committee is to advise the Outreach and Education Committee on how to best achieve the communication goals set forth by the Council by developing and implementing a strategic plan. The Council’s communications goals are to improve:
• Awareness and understanding of Council management goals, strategies, activities and process.
• Public participation in the fishery management process.
• Communications between the public and the Council.


To apply, complete the online application at:


Applications must be received by 2:00 PM EST on Friday, March 1, 2019. Members will be selected and appointed jointly by the Executive Director and Council Chair. Selected applicants will be subject to background checks for federal fishing violations. All applications will be notified of their status after the April Council meeting.