Meeting Notice
February 22, 2019


On March 21, 2019, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council will convene its Shrimp Advisory Panel and host a webinar public hearing on Shrimp Amendment 18: Modifying the Shrimp Effort Threshold.


The Shrimp Advisory Panel meeting will convene from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM at the Council offices located at 4107 W. Spruce Street, Suite 200, in Tampa, Florida. The Advisory Panel will address the following:

  • Biological Review of the Texas Closure
  • Review of the New Stock Assessments for Brown, White, and Pink Shrimp
  • Review of the Shrimp Amendment 18
  • Research Priority Review
  • Unique Identifier and Related Data Issues in the Gulf Shrimp Fishery
  • Discussion of Reef Fish Amendment 50 (State Management)


The public hearing on Shrimp Amendment 18: Modifying the Shrimp Effort Threshold will begin at 6:00 PM EST. Register for the webinar, or a public listening station will be available at the Council offices if you prefer to attend the session in-person. The Council is considering increasing the amount of shrimp effort allowed in the special area that is monitored for juvenile red snapper bycatch. Analysis shows that the effort reduction threshold, which currently requires that shrimp effort in the area monitored for juvenile red snapper be 67 percent below the effort in the baseline years of 2001–03, can be reduced to 60 percent without affecting the rebuilding of the red snapper stock.