council logo bannerFor Immediate Release
October 27, 2020


This week’s Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meeting will be modified to allow our Council, fishermen, and broader stakeholder community time to prepare for the anticipated landfall of tropical storm Zeta.


The Council plans to work late on Tuesday, October 27 to complete modified Council Committee agendas. Full Council will convene before the end of the day to work on Administrative/Budget, Gulf SEDAR, Sustainable Fisheries, and Law Enforcement Committee reports. The scheduled Question and Answer Session with the Public will only occur if the Council completes the day’s business in a timely manner.


On Wednesday, October 28, the Full Council will convene to finish Reef Fish and Mackerel Committee reports. Since no final action items are scheduled, public testimony will not be held. However, you’re still welcome to send comments to [email protected]. The meeting should conclude before lunch to allow our community the time it needs to fully focus on preparing for the storm.