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December 18, 2020


The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council has issued a Request for Proposals for a qualified contractor to compile and synthesize information on mesophotic and deep-water corals, and coral-related habitats throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  The selected contractor will be tasked with producing a report and developing a geodatabase to include: coral presence, coral density, coral species diversity, and benthic habitat composition of areas that support corals more broadly. The selected contractor will work with Council staff throughout the process of completing the scope of work which includes completion of a comprehensive literature review; compilation of information on corals in the Council’s fishery management unit; an assessment and ranking of areas based on ecological function; and the development of a web-based dashboard displaying information for decision making and outreach purposes.


This is a 12-month project and $175,000 is available to fund the work.


The Request for Proposals including the full scope of work can be found here.


Proposals Submission Deadline: February 1, 2021