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June 7, 2023

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council presented the 2022 Law Enforcement Officer/Team of the Year award to Alabama’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Senior Conservation Officer, Chancelor Mancuso.

The Council’s Team/Officer of the Year award acknowledges service above and beyond duty requirements and recognizes distinguished service, professionalism, and dedication to enforcing federal fishing regulations in the Gulf of Mexico. Nominees may be submitted from each of the five Gulf State Law Enforcement agencies, the U.S. Coast Guard, and NOAA Fisheries’ Office for Law Enforcement.

Officer Mancuso enforces state and federal laws in Alabama state waters and in the federal waters off the coast of Alabama. In addition to at sea patrol, he regularly participates in outreach events to educate the public on current fisheries regulations. In 2022, he spent nearly 300 hours patrolling federal fisheries. During that time, he was involved in 208 state and federal cases. One of his larger federal cases involved apprehending subjects with 42 undersized greater amberjack. He also caught a federal gill net fisherman with illegal species onboard.

“Officer Mancuso is always willing to put the necessary time and effort into making the big case even if it means coming in on his day off or putting in extra hours,” said Jason Downey, Chief of enforcement for Alabama Marine Resources; “He is always eager to learn and exemplifies professionalism while conducting his duties, and he is a model officer to his peers.”