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June 8, 2023


The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council took final action on a framework action to update red snapper private recreational data calibrations and gray snapper catch limits.


The Council chose to update the private recreational red snapper data calibration ratios for Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi that were developed by the Gulf States and NOAA’s Office of Science and Technology. The current and newly recommended calibration ratios and corresponding state-specific annual catch limits in pounds whole weight, which include increases included in a proposed rule, are as follows:


State Regulation ACLs – MRIP-CHTS Units Ratio 2024+ ACL


(State Units)

Alabama Current 1,145,026 0.548 627,474
Proposed 1,212,687 664,552
Florida Current 1,951,569 1.34 2,615,102
Proposed 2,066,889 2,769,631
Mississippi Current 154,568 0.503 77,748
Proposed 163,702 82,342



The most recent Gray Snapper Stock Assessment (SEDAR 75 2022), which incorporates new recreational landings data, shows that gray snapper is neither overfished nor experiencing overfishing.  Based on the results of this stock assessment, the Council also decided to increase the gray snapper catch limits.  The newly recommended catch limits, expressed in pounds whole weight, are as follows:



2024 – 2028+ 7,547,000 6,226,000 5,728,000


This framework action to update red snapper calibrations and gray snapper catch limits will be transmitted to the Secretary of Commerce for approval and implementation as soon as practicable.