almaco jack

Scientific Name

Seriola rivoliana

Stock Status

Overfishing – Yes

Overfished – Unknown

Stock Assessment


Recreational Regulations

Federal Regulations

  • Open year-round

  • 20 Bag Limit
  • 20 Aggregate Limit
  • Minimum Size: None
  • Additional Licenses Required: Beginning July 1, 2020, anglers intending to land this species in Florida are required to sign up as a Florida State Reef Fish Angler if they fish from a private recreational boat and are 16 years of age and older. To sign up, call 1-888-347-4356.
  • Gear Description: Non-stainless steel circle hooks are required when fishing with natural baits. At least one dehooking device is required and must be used to remove hooks.

  • Notes: Anglers required to have a venting tool or descending device rigged and ready to use when fishing for reef fish species in Gulf of Mexico federal waters. For more information, see NOAA Descend Act.

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Commercial Regulations