October 2, 2023

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EDT

Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

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I. Introductions of Members – Capt. Frady

II. Adoption of Agenda – Capt. Frady

III. Approval of Minutes from the October 2022 Meeting – Capt. Frady

IV. Election of Chair and Vice Chair – Mr. Rindone

V.  Scope of Work – Mr. Rindone

VI. Review of Reef Fish and IFQ Program Landings – SERO Staff

VII.  Update:  MRIP-FES Pilot Study and Proposed Next Steps – Ms. Lazo

    • a.  Presentation – Dr. Papacostas
    • b.  AP Recommendations

15 Minute Break

VIII. Summary: Gag Research Review from September 2023 Gulf SSC Meeting

IX.  Review:  Gag Interim Analysis Health Check (no catch advice) – Mr. Rindone

Lunch 12:00-12:30 pm EDT

X.  Discussion:  Reef Fish Framework Action:  Modifications to Gag and Black Grouper Recreational Retention Limits and Commercial Spawning Season Closure – Mr. Rindone

XI.  Discussion:  Draft Framework Action:  Modifications to Recreational and Commercial Greater Amberjack Management Measures – Dr. Hollensead

XII.  Review:  Vermilion Snapper Interim Analysis – Mr. Rindone

XIII.  Review:  Lane Snapper Catch Analysis – Mr. Rindone

15 Minute Break

XIV.  Discussion:  Draft Snapper Grouper Amendment 44 / Reef Fish Amendment 55:  Catch Level Adjustments and Allocations for Southeastern U.S. Yellowtail Snapper – Ms. Somerset

XV.  Public Comment – Chair

XVI. Other Business – Chair

End of Meeting